Wednesday, September 22, 2010

A Closer Look at a Selection of Photos from the Press & Guide Sept. 22, 2010

Photos by Millard Berry from the Press & Guide, Sept. 19, 2010 are for sale as reprints through a link on the website:         
Rory Gamble, Director UAW Region 1A delivers a letter from UAW President Bob King to Andiamo Manager Kim Hart and Executive Chef Mike Osinski Sept. 16 inside the restaurant before being asked to leave private property by Dearborn police. The letter called for a boycott of Andiamo restaurants in response to a recent finding by the National Labor Relations Board that the Dearborn restaurant had illegally retaliated against, intimidated, and coerced Andiamo employees who had alleged wage, overtime, and other serious violations.
Isabella Bitonti harvests lettuce from the Crowley Park Community Garden Aug. 4. The new organic growing project uses raised beds and the volunteers have ambitious plans for expansion in coming years.
Bob Bennett wipes rainwater off his 1958 Corvette Saturday at the Motor City 2010 Corvette Concourse held at Stanford Chevrolet.
Fatamah Alghaiti and other volunteers held the heavy playground equipment steady in July while others assemble it in the KaBoom project at the new southend ACCESS building.
Dearborn High’s Kenny Dennis uses the stiff arm to ward off would-be Fordson tackler Mohammed Faraj during the Pioneers victory Friday night over their crosstown rivals.  
More than a few heads were turned when Dearborn High’s Ryan Hansen caught three touchdown passes during the first half to help the Pioneers top Rabeah Beydoun and Fordson.
Photos by Millard Berry, Press & Guide


  1. Great stuff. This is a good idea Millard.

  2. Millard,
    I take issues with the promotional tag line that says these photos "weren't fit to print." Perhaps they meant to say there wasn't room to fit them in print! I'd ask for a retraction/re-write. Your photos are always amazing. I'm glad to see more of your work showcased.
    Mary Jane