Wednesday, May 4, 2011

A Closer Look at a Selection of Photos from the Press &Guide May 4, 2011

Photos by Millard Berry from the Press & Guide are for sale as reprints through a link on the website:         

Riot police were deployed April 29 to separate counter-demonstrators from Quran-burning Florida Pastor Terry Jones and supporters during a protest at city hall. What had been an otherwise peaceful demonstration turned disorderly about an hour in when Jones left the lectern and started heading toward the opposing crowd. At least a hundred counter-demonstrators rushed across the five lanes of Michigan Avenue with some throwing shoes and water bottles at Jones. Waving shoes from a passing vehicle on Michigan Avenue counter protestors register their anger at him while he speaks at city hall and other demonstrators drown him out with their loud chants.

After approaching barricades against the advice of police, Pastor Terry Jones and his supporters taunt counterdemonstrators across Michigan Avenue Friday just before the opposition crashed through their barricades in an attempt to attack those on the city hall front lawn.

With riot sticks and body armor riot police occupy the sidewalk in front of Dearborn City Hall Friday as police push the crowd of counter-demonstrators back across Michigan Avenue.

After breaching the barricades on the north side of Michigan Avenue the crowd of counterdemonstrators pushes against those blocking access to the Pastor Terry Jones supporters after Jones taunted them Friday at Dearborn City Hall.

Emerson and Karla Atwood, of Houston, and Norma Atwood, or Cape Cod, prepare to circle the track in the bubble lap at the Dearborn Heights Relay for Life Saturday at Chircop Field.

Divine Child pitcher Alex Greco deals during the semifinal victory over Dearborn High Saturday in the All-City championship.
Photos by Millard Berry

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