Wednesday, June 29, 2011

A Closer Look at a Selection of Photos from the Press & Guide June 29, 2011

Photos by Millard Berry from the Press & Guide are for sale as reprints through a link on the website:         

Dearborn Recreational Dolphins swimmer Emily Meyers cringes under an assault of thrown rubber ducks June 18 as a fundraiser for the Freeze or Fry Swim Meet at Dunworth Pool.

The Regent Court Building on Mercury Drive shows unique architecture at its front entrance Monday. The building may be under consideration for a new Sears headquarters.

Six-year-old Ali Dakka is almost lost in his too-big shirt while playing June 16 during the all day Showtime Basketball Camp at Dearborn High School.

Brent Horner, of the Parkside High School team from Maryland, is seen through the precisely lined up truck cabs as he trouble shoots bugs in the pickup in the 62nd annual Ford/AAA Student Auto Skills competition, held June 14 at Ford World Headquarters.

Connor Jennings, of the Saline team, races to his team’s bugged truck after the starter challenges competitors with “Gentlemen, start your engines, if you can!”
Photos by Millard Berry

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