Monday, December 27, 2010

A Closer Look at a Selection of Photos from the Press & Guide Dec. 26, 2010

Photos by Millard Berry from the Press & Guide are for sale as reprints through a link on the website:         
2010 in Review - April to June

Christian missionaries Negeen Mayel, David Wood, Paul Rezkalla and Dr. Nabeel Qureshi, who were arrested at the Dearborn Arab International Festival in June, listen to Judge Mark Somers during their arraignment in 19th District Court in July.

As the Dearborn Truck Plant cab assembly line continues to move, workers occasionally paused to smile at visiting Tigers ball players and media visitors. Ford’s renewed profitability in the second quarter meant the restoration of hundreds of jobs at the factory.

Neelesh Nundkumar rides Laura during his traditional wedding parade, called a Baraat, in June at the Dearborn Inn. Laura, a 28-year-old African elephant lives in Newaygo and has appeared in other weddings at the hotel.

Defendants await their court hearings on the stage of Edsel Ford High School in May during Law Day activities. 19th District Court Judge Hultgren held court for an audience of students that included arraignments, even those of three students charged with fighting in the school.

Rick Murray holds Bonita and Mick in a special vest pouch at the Mutt Strut in May. They are rescue dogs and wear goggles for eye protection when Murray rides his bike.

Military pall bearers salute a flag draped coffin containing the remains of19 forgotten veterans laid to rest with military honors during Dearborn’s 2010 Memorial Day Parade. The cremated remains of the veterans, some of which have been languishing in city funeral homes since 1950, were carried in a casket on a horse-drawn caisson down
Michigan Avenue

Instructor Belal Mougrabi quickly and artfully flips a flan in May at the HFCC 5101 Restaurant buffet.
Photos by Millard Berry

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