Wednesday, March 9, 2011

A Closer Look at a Selection of Photos from the Press & Guide March 9, 2011

Photos by Millard Berry from the Press & Guide are for sale as reprints through a link on the website:         

A snow covered picnic table and flooded playscape in Ford Field are reminders Sunday that flooding may signal the coming end of winter.

Sponsored by the Dearborn Community Fund, 16 high school students are working with educator/artist Mohamad Bazzi in the Pockets of Perception project to create a better understanding among people in the community through the arts.  Their charge is to create two works of public art, one for each end of town, to be installed in the spring. Their ideas have ranged over many concepts and now they seem focused on two sculptures that could be the inverse of each other’s shapes.  Their studio space is within the Nichols Ski & Patio store and physical work should begin soon on the art. Student Camille Charara adds detail to a sketch of one of their ideas for the dual sculptures. The mirror wall serves as a record of the students’ creations in their work space.

Planning of the three dimensional sculptures with educator/artists Mohamad Bazzi involves a lot of hand gesturing to describe possible shapes for the art when students met last month.

Students John Struman, Anthony VanArsdale and Carolyn Pawlicki look over backyard sculpture for creative ideas in January.

Fordson High Manufacturing Instructor Guy Pizzino (right) and his students surround the beginnings of their new hot rod Friday (3/4) that hundreds of students will help design, build and market. The Fordson Energy Alternative Roadster (FEAR) will run on E85 fuel. It will be a combination of low-slung hot rod and Model T. Marketing students will help promote the car. Art and graphic students will help with the design and detailing and could create paraphernalia such as T-shirts to promote and fund the project. Business students will use the car¹s development to create a mock business plan.

Photos by Millard Berry

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